The All-New Jeep Cherokee has Safety Features You Need to Investigate

Take one look at the safety features inside the all-new Jeep Cherokee and you'll recognize why this SUV is so popular.

Your Jeep Cherokee is able to identify when a vehicle is traveling behind your vehicle by way of the Cross-Traffic Alert system. When a vehicle is detected by the radar and sensors, the side mirrors and center console screen flash alerts to avoid driving back until that vehicle has moved.

One feature in the all-new Jeep Cherokee that is making parking easier, the Enhanced Active Park Assist system. Activate the feature when it is time to park, it will scan the road for a perfect space, then steers into the spot as you simply brake and accelerate when the vehicle gives you the commands.

If these two features have you excited, then come to Spirit Chrysler Dodge & Jeep so you can test drive the all-new Jeep Cherokee and see why it is so popular.



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