Wheel Designs for the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is beautifully designed from the wheels up. This popular SUV is available with a number of different wheel designs. We here at Spirit Chrysler Dodge & Jeep are very excited to show you some of your options.

Wheel sizes range from 17 inches in diameter up to 20 inches. 17-inch wheels are standard on the Laredo models. They're made of aluminum and feature a modern dual-spoke design. On the Limited models, 18-inch wheels are standard. These wheels are made of polished aluminum and have gray paint on the pockets for some added contrast. Trailhawk builds also use 18-inch wheels. However, the aluminum wheels are covered in an attractive low-gloss black paint.

Summit, Overland, Limited, SRT, and Trackhawk builds all have their own unique 20-inch wheel designs. Additional designs are also available with optional packages. Unique features you'll find on the 20-inch wheels include gloss black paint, titanium paint, satin carbon paint, and forged aluminum construction.



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