These Durability Features Put the ProMaster City in a Class of its Own

The Ram ProMaster City boasts features that pique the interest of some people in Swedesboro. At Spirit Chrysler Dodge & Jeep, we have paired this cargo van with Ram lovers, and they have been satisfied with their choice. We'll explore some of the durability features of this vehicle below.

Reinforced Structure

The cargo van was designed with a reinforced body structure. This strengthens the body, giving you more protection while you are on the road hauling or carrying passengers.

Active Head Restraints

The head restraints can be helpful in case of a rear-end crash. This increases your safety and may prevent certain injuries. During this type of crash the upper body is pushed into the back of the seat.

These are just a few features you expect from the ProMaster City. Come check out more features, and take a test drive. This will help you find out if this is the right passenger van.



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